Tooth Decay and Cavities: How To Defeat Them?


Tooth decay and cavities can be a very problematic situation. In some cases they are mild but in some others they can be very painful and therefore a big obstacle in your life. However, more important than acknowledging the problem is to know how to solve it, and this article will bring you the keys to get over with it.

Stop The Main Issue That’s Causing It:

Trying to defeat tooth decay and cavities without stopping the issue that’s causing it is simply silly, it will never work. You need to stop the main issue which is your diet and other damaging habits.

If you smoke, then drop it. If you have problems quitting this toxic habit, then you should look forward to trying an e-cigarrete. It’s a good way to quit the habit slowly. You should look into other vaping tools as well. They are going to help you quite a lot if used correctly, and the most important thing here is that they are not going to damage your teeth.

Your diet must be low in sugar and processed food. These two things cause a lot of damage to your teeth, so you should reduce their intake. If you want to stop your tooth decay and cavities, then you need to do this. You should start eating more vegetables, good meat, good carbohydrates, plenty of water and a wonderful spice known as turmeric. In the Ayurveda medicine it’s widely used to treat pain, and that includes the pain caused by teeth cavities.

Talk With Your Dentist:

2It’s the person you need to talk to. Because it’s the unique one who can bring you an effective, professional and safe treatment. You can complement it with the tips we have given you, but if your case is very bad then you need, more than ever, to visit your dentist and receive a proper treatment.

Sesame Oil Remedy:

What you need to do is to put 1 tablespoon of sesame oil in your mouth. Then you need to swish it around your mouth for around 15 minutes. Then you need to expulse it and brush your teeth as you would normally do. Make sure to clean your mouth afterwards with warm water with a little bit of salt.

This remedy is very simple yet has proven to work very well. That’s why you should try it at least once per day. You should do it at night, so you can go to rest and let the effects act during the night. You need to be consistent though, which means that you need to use this remedy every single day without exception, this is how it will bring you results.