The Best Remedies For Yellow Teeth


Yellow teeth are awful. Sorry, but that’s the truth and you know it as well. But you do not have to make yourself feel bad about it any longer, because this current situation will soon be vanished. Because this piece of content is going to share with you the best remedies, so you can turn those yellow teeth into white shining teeth.

Fixing The Major Issues:

The Way You Eat:

2I don’t like the way you eat. If you have very yellow teeth, then it means your diet habits are no the best. It means you like to drink lots of sugary drinks like soda or “fruit juices”. You need to reduce these products in your diet, because they are only hurting your enamel.

You need to start loving veggies and natural food. They will make you healthy and make your teeth whiter. The diet is the first and most important issue to solve, otherwise you will never achieve a good appearance for your teeth.

Don’t Smoke:

Tobacco is the main enemy of your teeth along with sugar. It can cause very ugly stains on your teeth and make them look horrible. You need to stop smoking, because even if you undergo a bleaching teeth whitening treatment, the new appearance of your teeth won’t last for long.

Quit smoking and your teeth will look a lot better. If you fix your diet as well, then you will make the results of your teeth whitening process last for a long time.

These are the two main major issues to fix. Of course, you also need to take it easy with alcohol, because it also hurts the appearance of your teeth.

Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy:

As the name clearly tells, you will need this special kind of vinegar. It’s healthy itself, and we will use it today for your teeth.

3You will need the following ingredients to prepare it:

  1. 1 glass with warm water
  2. 1 spoonful of apple cider vinegar
  3. A bit of salt

Pour the ingredients in the glass with warm water and use it as a mouthwash. Just keep washing your teeth till the glass is empty. This procedure should last at least 10 minutes.

Baking Soda and Salt Remedy:

You can also use this simple remedy.

The unique thing you need to do is to add a little bit of baking soda to your toothpaste and brush yourself as you would normally do. Then, after you are done with it, wash your mouth for around 10 minutes using a mix of warm water and salt.

This simple procedure will make your teeth a lot whiter, you need to try it.